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Having wired well in excess of 500 Narrowboats since we started we can honestly say that you won’t find anyone with more experience and understanding where Narrowboat wiring is concerned than Loom – Tech. It is also testament  to our quality and service that so many boatbuilding companies and members of the public ask us to wire there boats for them. We have been well established in the industry for many years now, and are regular  exhibitors at Crick boat show and the IWA festival, where as well as showing our wares, we spend a great deal of time helping people through guidance and advice. This philosophy runs through all our dealings with our customers.

Help with Design for Self - Fits

Though many self fitters are happy to tackle the easier parts of Narrowboat fitting, such as the carpentry or the plumbing, they are understandably wary of tackling the complexities of the wiring of a boat and the relevant regulations that govern it. This is where Loom –Tech can be of great help. All you need to do is tell us how you are going to lay your boat out and what you are  wanting to achieve in the way of its use, and we will help you design a system which both suits your needs and your budget. We can build you a complete system -  wiring loom, control panels, and onboard power supplies, all designed as one system which works in harmony, no struggling trying to get one thing to work properly with another. We build you the right system, with the right parts – every time.

We come to you

 We come to you, and measure your boat so that we can be sure your loom fits and your cable sizes are right, this is vitally important, as a common cause of problems and equipment failure is the fact that many people do not do not bother to measure the conductor runs and therefore cannot do a voltage drop calculation to properly work out the correct cable size. You must ALWAYS ask to see evidence that your cables sizes have been properly calculated, no matter who wires your boat for you.

RCD Documentation

We provide a full set of CE documentation with our looms, Including CE Decleration of Conformity, Wiring diagrams, and a full conductor schedule which specify’s cable colour, size of cable, where it runs and the safe maximum load for each conductor used, mathematically proven.

Help me wire my Narrowboat

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