Consultancy and Set Up Service

Aimed primarily at OEM builders and the larger volume builders or those companies that build kit boats for export to parts of the world where boat wiring skills may be in short supply.

Loom – Tech offer a marine electrical consultancy and wiring system set up service.  We will help design your system making full use of our vast experience in boat wiring, measure your boat so that you get a tailor made product, do all your cable calculations and write you a set of instructions so that you can build your system in house, fully confident that you are using best possible practice. If your looking at large numbers, we can even build you loom boards ready to go, for which we do, of course, provide full training for your staff in how to use them.   We will also produce your documentation for you according to the relevant regulations.  This is a very special service we offer here, that you just won’t find anywhere else.

  • ABYC
  • BMEA
  • BMF
  • CBA