Why choose a loom?

Why Choose A Loom ?

To build a safe system, and to comply with the various regulations on voltage drop, all the conductor runs in a boats electrical system have to be measured and a voltage drop calculation carried out prior to installation to ensure that the correct size cable is fitted ( a painfully slow process if you are installing your conductors one at a time, and as such prone to mistakes being made or potentially dangerous shortcuts being taken ) Many boatbuilders still choose to do this work in house, but increasingly they are calling on our unique expertise, and having their looms built for them. Recognising the great saving in time and consistency of quality we can offer.


Loom – Tech’s unique service allows you to hand all the headaches over to us, all you do is tell us where you want the various items to be, and we build you a wiring loom to join them all together. You don’t have to worry about regulations, cable sizing or system design, we do all that for you. You get the benefit of knowing your boat is properly wired paired with vastly reduced installation times.




  • ABYC
  • BMEA
  • BMF
  • CBA